oh hey!

Nearly a decade ago, I randomly picked up a camera, thinking “Oh what the hell?”, I can do this!

I thought it would be easier to take photos as an auntie, and boy was I in for a ride. What started as a hobby became a business over the years, and little did I know that I would be taking care of constant messages, booking systems, taxes, or any of that stuff! 

-But it’s been the best ride I have ever decided to take, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.-

photographer Based in Northwest Ohio 

Just a small town girl that can see the big picture”

My sidekick is my 7-year-old son Callan 

(Cal for short!). He’s my adventurer, my social butterfly, and my very best friend. We have traveled near and far together, from beaches to mountains, and he’s just the right kinda guy to come along with me to sessions to help get your kiddos to smile if we need it. He's a huge reason as to why my hobby evolved into a passion — His bright light and young soul completes me and I want to document those moments forever.

I’m a single mama, full time X-ray Technician (I love to joke and tell your kiddos I can take pictures of the outside AND the inside!), country music lovin’ and beach bummin’ kinda gal. I go with the flow and want to spread good vibes only! Midwest is best — Located in Ohio!
My son and I have never met a stranger, and I’ve been told that I’m a master at making others feel comfortable and more themselves in front of the camera. 

My goal is to make you feel good, chase the sunshine together, and capture your life through my lens. 

Always remember, mama knows best!

No. 1 

Cal is just starting to get into sports. Just when I thought I was already busy, I think it’s about to get even crazier!

I live a healthy lifestyle (most of the time!) and love the gym. 

No. 2 

I’m obsessed with chocolate-covered strawberries.

No. 3 

I’ve taken Cal out of the country at least three times now, and we just LOVE to travel!

No. 4

Family is everythinggg. 

No. 5 

I believe laughter is the best medicine 

No. 6

Things you should know